The San Marcos River Foundation (SMRF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1985 during the Sesquicentennial celebration for the community by a small group of San Marcos citizens with a mission to preserve and protect the flow, natural beauty and purity of the San Marcos River.
San Marcos River Information


Swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving in the crystal clear San Marcos River are very popular recreational activities in San Marcos. Tubing, canoeing, and kayaking are also great ways to enjoy the river, and there are several beautiful campgrounds downstream of San Marcos.

Aquarena Center in San Marcos
Aquarena Center in San Marcos is a great place to stroll the grounds, ride the glass bottom boats, see aquarium and exhibits about the San Marcos Springs and River and endangered species. Free admission, small fee for boat ride. See the newly remodeled historic hotel which is now the Texas Rivers Center. Visit their webpage.


Texas Water Safari

The Texas Water Safari is a marathon canoe race from San Marcos to the Gulf of Mexico in June each year. It is another one of the many reasons that people visit the San Marcos River.


The Dive Shop, San Marcos, Texas


For information about diving in the San Marcos river and other areas, visit the Dive Shop.



Austin Canoe and Kayak

Austin Canoe and Kayak has a new San Marcos location, across IH 35 from the Outlet Malls. They do sales and rentals of boats. Visit their website.


Lions Club Rental, San Marcos, Texas

For information about tubing in the area
see the Lions Club Tube Rental in San Marcos.

TG Canoe Livery, San Marcos, Texas

Canoers can visit TG Canoe Livery for information about renting canoes or finding a guide, shuttle service, or instruction, or even canoe and kayak purchases.

Power Olympic Center in San Marcos, Texas

Kayak instruction is available at the Power Olympic Center in San Marcos.



Pecan Park Retreat, San Marcos, Texas

San Marcos River Retreat is an alcohol-free campground located near TG Canoe Livery, 2 miles downstream from San Marcos. Reservations a must. This website has good general info about canoeing the river as well.



Pecan RV Park, San Marcos, Texas [back to top]

The separate Pecan RV Park is also nearby.

Spencer Canoes & Shady Grove Campground, Martindale, Texas

Spencer Canoes/Shady Grove Campground
is in quiet Martindale. They also rent canoes and do instruction.



Leisure Camp, Fentress, Texas

Leisure Camp is an RV camp and has a variety of activities and is in Fentress.


The Blind Salamander Riverfront RV Park is located on the San Marcos River at Westerfield Crossing, Old Bastrop Road.

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To continue downstream, see these parks and campgrounds:

Endangered Species in the Edwards Aquifer and Springs System

Texas Blind Salamander

San Marcos Springs and River:
Fountain Darter
San Marcos Gambusia
San Marcos Salamander
Texas Wild Rice

Information on these endangered species and other species in the Edwards Aquifer System (which includes other springs besides the San Marcos Springs and River) is prepared by The Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center at Texas State University. View their website tosee more color photos and more detailed information about each species.