The San Marcos River Foundation (SMRF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1985 during the Sesquicentennial celebration for the community by a small group of San Marcos citizens with a mission to preserve and protect the flow, natural beauty and purity of the San Marcos River.
  SMRF Officers & Board Members for 2012


Officers and Board of Directors

Michelle Bussemey, President
Carissa Belsky, Vice-President
Rachel Sanborn, Treasurer
Eric Mendleman, Secretary

SMRF Staff

Dianne Wassenich, Program Director
512 393-3787

Board Members

Ann Allen
Carissa Belsky
Michelle Bussemey
Cynthia Castle
Kyle Hahn
Eric Mendleman
Rachel Sanborn
Ben Schwartz
Betty Watkins

The San Marcos River Foundation appreciates the service of the following volunteer board members since 1985, when SMRF began.

Emmie Craddock
Glenn Longley
Chuck Nash
Emmett McCoy
Gene Phillips
Steve Gregg
Jack Stovall
Ernest Cummings
Denny Thomas
Jay Moore
Guy Trimble
Vikki Fruit
Tom Goynes
McBride Wilson
Billy Moore
Tom Wassenich
Gwen Smith
Harry Bishop
Jack Fairchild
Tom Arsuffi
Kay Moore
Pam Spooner
Cathy Supple
Jo Ellen Korthals
Mark Boucher
Deborah Lane
Kathryn Cummings Chaney
Kyle Wilson
Charles Blankenship
Dianne Wassenich
Allen Groeger
Therese Kosary
Dana Ray
John Tolbert
David Newman
John Hohn
Jon Cradit
Carolyn Kelly
Ann Allen
Marcus Rodriguez
Jim Blackburn
Tim Bonner
Jason Woods
Annette Paulin
Judy Telford
Betty Watkins
Michelle Bussemey
Kevin Ryan
Rachel Sanborn
Kyle Hahn
Michelle Kvanli
Carissa Belsky
Cynthia Castle
Eric Mendleman
Ben Schwartz
Special thanks to others

SMRF wants to thank Dana Blankenship for her creation of our beautiful "wavy graphic design"
to the left of each page on our website.

We also want to thank John Tolbert for his beautiful picture of San Marcos River, Tieken's Rapids downstream of Martindale in
1979, that we used as our website banner.